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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  August 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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napa airport, of a half-moon bay, these are all warmer and gusting at 36 and travis is a roaring delta breeze and we are not going to warm up that much. you can see water temperatures are in the 60s and clouds and drizzle stay even with that big fog bank. yesterday that will push south as well as that low begins to move in the next 24 hours and south of las vegas, upper 70s and lower 80s for most and 60s and 70s, here is sal. we are looking at a commute where traffic is actually doing very well starting off the morning at the bay bridge, it is light, there are no major problems here. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and it's a very nice drive no problems driving
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passed the coliseum. it is 4:30 let's go back to the desk. a 77-year-old woman has been taken to the hospital after a garage fire. there on miramar avenue, you just spoke to this family about a frightening wake-up call. >> reporter: yes, certainly a frightening morning as their garage caught fire and thankfully everybody is okay. you can see a large pile of furniture that they pulled out as they were battling -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> it looks like we lost alex's signal but we will get back to him in a few minutes. there is a surprising new
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development. police have made an arrest but it is not the hit-and-run driver. officers have taken the aunt into custody in the tragic incident in the south of market neighborhood. she walked into the middle of the crosswalk against the light. she then left her unattended in the middle of a busy street to get the toddler's twin brother. >> there was some child neglect that resulted in the death of the two-year-old toddler. >> the little girl's aunt has been booked on philly endangerment charges. police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver and it is as white or light colored toyota camry that they are looking for. the color has light colored bumpers as well and anybody with information is asked to contact police as well. we are learning more about
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theee bowl la virus here in northern california. a patient here is being tested for the virus. he is being kept at the kaiser sacramento center and it could take several days to get results. the hospital has not said whether the patient recently traveled to west africa but again the test is likely a precaution. people who have been in that region are being super vigilant and they are going to the hospital with the slightest sign of illness. >> there will are certainly -- currently no confirmed cases, two american missionaries who contracted the disease are being treated after getting it from liberia and a woman in
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sierra leonia is being tempted for the -- tested for the ebola virus. the shipman anded to evade protesters and get its cargo unloaded. it left its dock appearing ahead and went outside the golden gate, came back and docked at the port of oakland and that's where the unloading began last night. long shore workers refused to load it because of the presence of protesters and police. when they found out about it, they regrouped and they targeted the ship because of israel's reason military action in gaza. fighting has resumed following the end of a cease- fire and the collapse of peace talks. israel carried out 30 air strikes in gaza overnight and hamas fired 7 rockets at israel. the new round of fighting began after hamas fired at israel
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hours before they were set to expire. no word on when or if the peace talks will resume. and heading to the city of cupertino, they will be the first city to get a high broad ban internet service. they will allow speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second and that means it would take just 30 seconds to download a high definition movie. it could be available as soon as december to other cities in the south bay by december. that is fast. others may follow a play led to a loss. now it was stopped after it started pouring. the grounds crew could not roll the tarp out to properly cover
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the infield. after it stopped raining they tried to fix the mess but umpires determined the field was not playable and cubs were leading 2-0 and eventually got the win. the manager was not happy saying everything would be done to resume the game. >> bud celek made his last choice to the area. a new stadium will remain on his to do list. and the as are still playing at the rundown coliseum but that is due in part to stop the as from moving to san jose. >> there is no chance in this, look, let me be very candid, you have two teams with very dissimilar views. >> he is confident his
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successor will pick up the ball after finding a new stadium. a special ceremony will be held for the first wine grapes this year. previous and other virgie members will be holding this and it will be the first time they have held this ceremony and this will be the 33rd start to the wine celebration. >> very nice, we have a lot of wineries out there. >> there are, a lot. and a close encounter with a coyote, it was all caught on video. stay with me. the frightening incident involving a child that has a san francisco father warning other parents. and all they wanted to do
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with make a wish. and you can see traffic is moving well and there is still some roadwork and you can see how it is affecting traffic coming up. we start off cloudy, a low cloud deck, low responsible is down in southern california and we will stay below average, i will show you that coming up.
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it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom... . welcome back, it is 4:41 i want to go back to a story where a 77-year-old woman has been taken to the hospital after a garage fire, alex you have been speaking to the family and it sounds like a very frightening wake-up call. >> reporter: yes, it certainly was after their garage caught fire and the elderly woman did have to be taken to the hospital. she is there after firefighters
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say she took in quite a bit of smoke and it started at 1:30 on miramar avenue. there were a total of 4 people inside at the time and they heard what sounded like an explosion from the ground floor and realized there was a fire. firefighters moved in and knocked down the fire quickly but that 77-year-old grandmother had to it be treated for smoke inhalation and we are just glad everybody made it out and all of them were scared. >> still 1-010, definitely a 9. she is the leader of the house and we are all happy and now we are moving on and putting everything back together. >> and along with the people inside that house there was one dog who had to be treated here at the scene. the dog was given oxygen by
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firefighters outside the house. the cause of the fire is unclear. there is nothing to indicate this fire is suspicious although an arson investigator had to be called in and that's standard any same somebody is hurt in a fire. live in san francisco, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> meantime a fast moving grass fire was just reported near the junction of highway 41 in oak hoist. they believe it started near a well-known homeless encampment and buildings have been destroyed. >> every house in its path except for mine and my neighbors are standing and by the grace of god... >> they reported the fire had
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burned more than 1200 acres and the fire is now 3 5% contained. and a team left leg to help and it includes oakland fremont and the fire departments. a fire has now grown to 3,000 acres. it started monday afternoon and some roads have been closed and some evacuation centers have been set up and some buildings are set up and it is possible some have burned down and they have not said any of the buildings are homes. it is 5% contained. they are looking for a safety improvement after there were two crashes on the same road. it is unsafe especially for children and they say many drivers race through and this
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is a 6 lane road. and the hit-and-run crash critically injured another man who was killed and they are still looking and he was behind the wheel of a 2005 black dark colored honda civic and the car is missing the right side mirror and has damage to the right front fender. they are warning people to be careful after two deadly falls in just two months. donald gear came through after another one in reason months. another person was killed after falling in the same area. >> i was climbing with some
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friends and it can definitely be a dangerous area. >> the university is considering closing the area to the public. and it is the first day of school for many people as parents drop off their children and in novato there will be extra police officers in school zones to make sure drivers slow down. an east bay high school, low test scores, now they are waiting to get in and they had less than 700 students, students say the new campus with this performing arts theater and rightly painted hallways is crease -- creating a real school spirit. >> if kids enjoy school they will be more successful. >> that may be true, five
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students made honor role last year. that is more than 1/3. and basketball courts will be added next year. you can find more openings on our back to school session and that's open on hot topics. >> a young boy had a chance after arranging for a three- year-old lombardi to step in as an honorary construction foreman at the residential tower. he has a rare tumor and he was able to hall dirt at the trinity property sight and he commemorated the day into a slab and will serve as a reminder as a brave fight against cancer. it looks like you are not the only brian flores in the
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bay area. i want to introduce you to brian flores and it is one of the dozens of kittens that were left off at the humane society. last week, brian went out and did a story on the cats dropped off and their over supply of cats and to express their gratitude, the shelter named a kitten in brian's gratitude. he will be there. >> my daughter said she wanted a cat. this is what the cat looks like. my daughter said i want a cat so it is possible. >> sal castaneda doesn't have a cat named after him. >> oh brother, is this where the show is going this morning?
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at least before 4:48, i mean hey, brian you should certainly consider adopting a cat, i say. and roadwork, just passed universities blocking one of the right lanes and traffic is getting through okay and it is not going to be there and once that gets gone, traffic is moving along well, it should stay this way and it is starting off a little better as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a little bit of a backup and it is light on san francisco. there are no major problems, here is a look at the venetia bridge all the way to walnut creek. >> now let's go to steve. >> you are a cat person, i am a cat person. >> now i am going to get tweets
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about that. fog will be close to coast and bay and below inland and starting off inland and testimony says i think iel go down to los angeles and that's where it's going. it looks like it will impact the high dessert and for us, high pressure will nose into noter and high pressure doesn't like low pressure so it will fill in with a breeze. tropical storm lowe and then you usually see it but so far nothing looks like it will be drawn up. 64 hayward airport, santa rosa is one of the few, calistoga is there and although they have really cooled down.
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hillsberg and lakeport, everybody is close and they are coming down and had gusts at 36 last hour. a little more over towards napa airport, 63 in san francisco and monterey, 64 and 63 off half-moon bay and the coast is mild to warm and they are staying in the 60s, central is here towards mammoth and towards chuckee. local drizzle and the depth is very deep and it will peel back upper 60s and 70s, 68 san francisco that's right about where they should be this time much year. oops, some areas are definitely cooling down and we'll see temperatures and they seem to be running a little below average especially away from
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the coast and they are closer to it, but we do see not much change in the pattern and they are subtle changes day-to-day. some people are lucky to be alive after a driver plows into a cafe. >> i ran out to see if there was anything i could do. room and nasa is calling it a gift from heaven, extra terrestrial found right here in the bay area. ♪
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♪ ♪
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. they are mentioning a new plan by training new civilians by adapting to new emergency calls. they got a peak and they will respond to car theft, vandalism, some traffic accidents and even missing person's cases. some will not respond with any active suspect and they will only be armed with pepper spray. >> we are trying to hire axle many police officers as we can but with the current political client and with things that have happened, we were not able to do that.
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>> some say it is necessary to deal with the cuts to retirement benefits and they will be paid 5 $4,000 a year. >> we are learning more about the 36-year-old north bay man who died shortly after proposing to his girlfriend. he was a chef surfer an avid rock climber. he made it to many places but he died after a fall while climbing yosemite's mountain after proposing to his girlfriend. >> i am just trying to cope as best i can and any words to describe -- >> a celebration of his life is planned at the park and they will have a paddle out at the
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mouth of the rushing river. and 4 -year-old gregory muck lives in santa cruz and is seen where he left for a hike. he is described as clean shaven but currently he has a full beard they hope somebody can provide them with more information. and in the mission district they planned an eviction. 20 people are being evicted and they claim it is illegal because their property manager failed to give four months of rent. they are living in unsafe conditions without water and roaches and rats and the rally is stead schedule he had to get underway at noon and that's at la rouch and lucky street.
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they called it a gift from heaven and this two ounce churning known as a meteorite was recovered after it was hit by space debris. they now say that debris came from a crash between the earth and another large body that created the moon many years ago. thats amazing. >> yes. there is a recall for peanut and almond butters, after the recalls, we will tell you the health concerns. >> this came to the head with the killing of michael brown. >> words from a bay area family. oop and after that they are looking at missouri. and we are starting on highway 24 heading to the tunnel and we will tell you
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about the drive times in the east bay. temperatures again steak on the cool side inland and back to school santa rosa starting off overcast, we have a high of 76, that is the spirit.
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. next time you have a craving for peanut butter, look at the label, there has been a recall for many popular brands considered healthy, we will tell you which ones and why. an unarmed teen, why last night's gathering was an important turning point. >> plus caught on video, a close call involving a coyote, and a san francisco father is warning other parents, this is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. good morning, thank you for joining us, we are live at trader joe's in san joses and


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